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No Judging


No Judging

March The Beck Family 3104 Edgetone Drive    
April The Presnell Family 3400 Scott Drive    
May The McDonald Family 3400 Astro Court    
June The Brewer Family 3000 Venus Drive    
July The Short Family 2927 Mars Street    
August The Bowen Family 3108 Sherry Drive    
September The Bender Family Astro Court    
October The Bost Family Edgetone Drive    
November The Burnett Family 2820 Mars Street    
December Holiday House Winners:
Traditional: The Benders 3405 Astro Ct.
  The Foils 3414 Starmount Dr.
  The Morgans 3019 Edgetone Dr.
Lights: The Aguilars 3416 Gemini Dr.
  The Freemans 3608 Star Trek Ct.
  The Lanes 3007 Edgetone Dr.
Originality: The Dentons 3207 Jupiter St.
  The Masons 2900 Mars St.
  The Sommers 3600 Constellation

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May your life be like a beautiful garden,

where the sun is always shining and the season is always Spring.


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